Looking So Hot

It’s been a while since you have written, but not because you have had any shortage of things to say. Picking up where you left off…

…shortly after chasing pigs through the graveyard, you had yourself a little accident. Nothing too serious, and thankfully nothing that required hospitalization. You’d lately been occupying your time stealing trees from the forestry and chopping timber. One snowy afternoon, you took the axe and wheelbarrow, headed into the forestry, and hoped to collect another load. Long story short, after chopping though a branch, the separated piece rebounded off the chopping block, or the axe, or god-knows-what, spun through the air, and struck you squarely in the nose. BAM! Dazed, you stepped back, then felt the blood come a-gushing.

Broken? You weren’t sure. Gingerly touched at your nose, tried to see if it moved, if it felt chunky–if the blood was internal or external. Unclear. You needed a specialist: Angus, who’d already had his nose busted numerous times. Held your face and hoofed it back to the house, coughing mouthfuls of blood along the way because the stuff wouldn’t stop pouring out of your face. Who HAPPENED to be at the gaff? Angus. The very man you wanted to see. Shocked, appalled, though not surprised, he helped you doctor your face took you to the chemist to buy some butterfly plasters, and upon entering, threw his arms victoriously into the air and exclaimed, “I won!” The chemist asked you what happened, and you said you fell down the stairs.

You got lucky. Could have lost an eye, or knocked out a number of teeth. Instead, just a crescent-shaped gash on your nose, and two black eyes. Very sexy. Every day Marlene remarked how awful you looked; awful not just because youhad two black eyes, but because you were also covered in cuts and bruises from the last weeks’ work. What can you say? That’s how you roll. You did your darndest to clean yourself up for Alexis’ arrival. But the family admonished you for looked “awful.” Okay, fine, a shower, a shampoo, and a comb-through… a band new you. You met Alexis at the bus stop, nearly knocked her over with a hug, and then heard her ask in horror what on earth had happened to your face.

Cuts heal. No big deal.

Having Alexis stay for two weeks was nothing short of amazing. Practically life-altering. You were reminded of all the good things of your other life–the one back in the States–and really warmed you to the idea of returning sooner, rather than later.

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