It’s a stupid road trip game: Hey Sheep! Well, actually, the original game is Hey Cow!, but since there is no shortage of sheep in Ireland… You’re juvenile, Maria, but dammit, you love that game, and Alexis is the only person to truly indulge you by playing it competitively (and she won).

Two people in the front of the car, driving through the country. If a field of sheep appear on your side of the road, you get to roll down your window, lean out, and scream “Hey Sheep!” The number of animals that look up is your point score. Alexis was wonderful to play this game for, what, the FIVE hours it took to drive across Ireland–a tiny country with winding, impossible roads. Throughout the trip, you got to take in absolutely breathtaking scenery of rolling hills with their green field patchworks, jagged clifs overlooking the sea, and sheep.

Dingle is a great little tourist trap, and was fortunately off season. You and Alexis met more non-Irish people than Irish people, including Gift Shop Girl, who might have been the loneliest person you have ever met. She always perked up when the two tall Americans came through the door to act like jackasses (you, really). Bought some boxer shorts, went for a drive along the coast, and hiked Mt. Brandon, an 18-kilometer pilgrimmage. Nothing insane happened, actually. No weird mishaps, nothing earth-shattering. Simply a sensational trip that renwed in you the desire to hit the road again.

Maybe it was the perfect weather, the stunning sunsets, the friendly barkeepers. Who knows. But you are feeling well enough to move on from Ireland. The worst of winter is over, your budget still exceptionally cushy, and your head clear. This time, you think, you will not move through Europe by wwoofing. Instead, you’ll simply go, no plan, no destination in mind. No idea. Camp until you get tired of it, and when you do, meet back in Ireland to say your goodbyes and book a ticket back to the United States. It might be that you do not see any major cities or tourist destinations in Europe, due to the relative difficulty of hitching and camping near big cities. Who knows? You’re far too disinterested (or just plain lazy) to put any real effort into figuring out where you want to go.

No major moves until the end of the first week in April, though you an Neil plan to take a mini trip to Scotland. More on that at a later date.

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