An Austrian proverb – women are like a good wine, best left to mature in a cellar.

What have you learned about Austria?
1) That cellar jokes are all the rage, thanks to Josef Fritzl who locked his daughter in the cellar for 24 years and fathered many children with her.
2) You can walk from Bratislava, Slovakia across the border into Austria, but it takes about 2 hours.
3) Vienna has about 40 museums, and that is basically the sole tourist industry.
4) Every building has been refurbished.
5) Few Austrians have ever seen The Sound of Music.

And now, for more tasteless humor (ranking up their with Dead Baby jokes):

What’s the population of Austria?
About twice as many as you’d think

After their lifetime of sexual abuse, psychiatrists treating the Fritzl children have decided its best to bring in a Catholic Priest.
Not for spiritual guidance, but to avoid withdrawal symptoms.

Austrian authorities have said that Josef Fritzl has been improving as a father as of late.
In fact, police have said that he has “Been coming into his own”.

Austrian nonce Josef Fritzl is writing a new book.
People are doubting though whether it will be a best cellar.

Sound of Music II will be released soon featuring the von trapped family.

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