– 4.5 hours of walking in the sun
– 3 free cups of coffee in a hotel kitchen, courtesy of a truck driver who found you
– 3 beers and 1 spliff upon arriving in Salzburg, dehydrated
– 6 hours of sleep
– 40 minutes of parkour workout followed by the beer garden, fish on a stick, and stuff to wake up
– 1 Big Lebowski moment
– 3 hours of sleep, followed immediately by more booze (20 beers and 5 bottles of liquor between five people)
– 50 euros of poker chips, 1 dancing toy chicken, and stuff to wake up
– 1.5 hours of high intensity dancing and 1/2 pack of cigarettes
– 3 hours of sleep
– 3 shots of gin in the morning
– 1 full day at a beer festival
– 5 hours of sleep
– 11 hours wandering by yourself in downtown Munich
– 20 minutes of sleep in a book store…

= 2 days of recovering in Starbucks

But you certainly haven’t outdone yourself yet. 😉

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