Niagra Falls is NOT a big, big waste of time


It is incredible when you think about it.

Times are hard in the truck when it rains, and when people are tired. You try to keep the majority of your insensitive opinions to yourself when you see the amount of effort someone puts in to please you.

News with the truck… Cleopatra has a personality. So far, she wants attention. You said to the crew yesterday, “Dammit, this girl wants attention all the time. But I am drawing the line. I am going to drive this bitch until she breaks down, or the engine light turns on.” No one believes you.

When it rains it pours. When it is at all damp out, she turns into a crotchety old bitch. You know how an old woman’s joints start to ache when it rains out? Yeah. That’s Cleopatra. She doesn’t do rain. And neither does your travelling team.

You have to admit, you had scarcely encountered rain on your entire 5-month journey in Europe. A few days… but that was it. Mostly sunshine. The trip you are on now has been practically half rained-in. Everything gets wet, and miserable, energy levels drop, you can’t get out and exercise… it sucks. Today it rained at Niagra Falls. But you didn’t want to let that dampen (pun intended) the day. You told everyone to put on the rain gear after you scored free parking. It rained, not terribly hard, but persistently, and even though this was your third time seeing Niagra, it is still very–at least–cool to consider the volume of water that can pour down those falls and send an immense cloud of mist rising into the air. Waste of time? Maybe. But what isn’t? But go ahead and say that to everything else… the Grand Canyon maybe? It wasn’t a waste of YOUR time.

Your time is generally well spent. Your time is precious. Lately, it has been a gift. You are young, yes, but life flies by, and so few people spend their time on this Earth as well as they would have liked. There is no point looking back on things with regret. Thinking things are wasted. You only have the faculties to make a decision in the moment (and when you are trying to make the best decision on another’s behalf, it certainly is insulting to have the result trashed in your face as a waste–a waste of your energy, that’s it). Do it, and move on. Where else would you rather be? Don’t think about it. Think about where you are, what you can do in that moment. Rain or shine. Make your time count.

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One thought on “Niagra Falls is NOT a big, big waste of time

  1. 快樂是你與生俱來的權力,它不應該取決於你完成什麼。 ..................................................

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