Feeling Fit

It’s nice being back on the farm.  You’re a long way from the gym, with all its fancy cams and pins and clips and stacks of weights.  All those evenly balanced dumbbells, balancing devices, and rubber bands.

Swapping a farm for a gym isn’t a bad deal.  Granted, there are a few kettle bells here, and some concrete-flower-pot barbells you made.  A jump rope, and some boxes you built.  All-in-all, a neat little gym if you wanted one… but you’ve stopped exercising in a traditional sense and just keep moving.

Your days consist of digging up roots and weeds, pushing wheelbarrows, moving sleepers, gathering timber, and chasing after animals.  You’ve been put to the task of creating a “duck haven,” for the 5 escapee ducks now paddling in the swimming pool.

This job included digging a pond by yourself, beating back nettles, putting in fence posts, and felling two trees by hand.  Nothing like climbing 50 feet into the air with a hand saw and pruning all the branches, sawing through the top half of the trunk to make the tree shorter, and then chopping through its base once you were sure it wouldn’t smash the stables during its descent–oh, all the while doing everything possible not to harm the three marijuana plants chilling out below you.  Later, you pruned the fallen branches and hacked them into stove-size pieces before splitting all the timber from the trunk.

You feel fit, but your back forgot what it was like to spend so much of the day bent over.

Tomorrow, you will leave to complete the Wicklow Trail, 132km/82miles, through the garden of Ireland.  You will be by yourself, hustling for some kind of speed record.

Your diet will consist of the same-old same-old brown rice, porridge oats, and lentils smorgasbord… with the addition of some nuts and seeds.  Lately you’ve been feeling underfed, or no… not underfed… malnourished (God knows you eat plenty).  The economic crises has really waked Sli Na Bande, and it shows in the kitchen.  Not that you’re a whore for cheese and meat in the first place, but there are only so many appetizing ways one can combine leeks and potatoes.  The bread has been giving you reflux, and–for God’s sake, Lady–jam is not a health food, even if it is home made.

Once your muscle cannibalizes itself, you should feel less hungry.

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One thought on “Feeling Fit

  1. dcasmey

    Sweet – I’m jealous. Well, kinda. Or, maybe not.

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