Magic Mushrooms

10-08-10  7:15pm

15 minutes ago, you ate 15 smallish mushrooms.  Down the hatch.


down the hatch


Mieke followed with 12.

Neil ate 15.

You went poo.  Excited, you guess.

Mieke ate another 3, just to be even.

30 more minutes, you should know if these are any good.  Where did you find them?  On the last leg of your hike on the Wicklow Way.  “Just 20 more minutes, you can do this… Then you can pitch the tent.  20 more minutes and… what’s that?! A nipple!  Oh shit, you have to pick those.  The lads back at the house will be pissed if you walked by shrooms, knowing they were shrooms.  ….  Oh my god, they’re everywhere!

You lost that last 20 minutes to mushroom picking.  High on the hills next to a stone cross.  Holy magic mushrooms.

…30 minutes later…

“I’ve had an epiphany!  I’ve had an epiphany!  The english language is comprised of many different words.”  –Neil ffrench Mullen

You’re glad they’re having a good time.  Your brain is stubbornly lucid.

Two to Four Hours Later……………………………

Well, you must’ve eaten forty of these things.  You’re always a late bloomer.

The room is red.  Movement feels like a journey.  Patterns jump out like Magic Eye posters.  The “buttons” on the drawers danced and scattered before falling into place. The most obvious things are the funniest.  Difficult to explain the munchies–might’ve been real hunger.  Alice stood on the other side of the door, only her name was Mieke.  Crooked mirrors, crooked pictures.  Crooked old man, with the crooked old house.  This house spirals downward, ever noticed?  Golly!  This room is red.  The curtain vibrated first.  Everything fell into place.  Amazing how fast three high “kids” can trash a kitchen so fast. There goes the wave.  Gone, gone, gone.  See you in a few minutes?  Hehe, still here!  Only…everything you just said, you wrote in the middle of that paragraph.  No one will actually know in which order these thoughts came out.  Why won’t I talk with you guys?  Because I’m in a moment of genius.  Haha!  Only an idiot on mushrooms would say something like that.  Wow.  You can seize the physical space between two people, like clay.


“Did Neil ever tell you when I set his eye lashes on fire?”  You were trying to win a staring contest.  You fight dirty.


Words to describe mushrooms…. special.

N: Magic!

Maria: No, that’s too cliche.

N: Trippy!

Maria: Also too cliche.

M: Let’s throw chocolate around the place!

Maria:  She really wants a food fight.

M: Why is it so comfy when we are all touching our genitals?

Maria: And then I did my emphysema laugh!….  Do dogs laugh?


M: An erotic subway.  Laughing attack.  Ouch.  Pain.  Lamaz classes.  Just regular pregnancy laugh.  The thing that sucks about eating is you eat… and then things are empty!  This jar is empty! Just an ordinary stomach complex. Am I actually saying this out loud?  Yes, I am.


N: Scorried enthusiosity…

Maria: Scared-worried enthusiastic-curiosity

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