You’re sick of WordPress.  It’s all you do.  Not your blogs, mind you.

You’ve spent the last two weeks developing a website for the Old Mould Company garden products line (… photographing items, editing the images, uploading them, linking, tagging, formatting, measuring, naming, arranging… woof.

Too much time on WordPress.  Manon suffers the same fate, on the website.  That’s what happens.  You show an aptitude for computers (laugh.out.loud. YOU?!) and Marlene wants you working full time, updating and promoting her life.

Oh well.  You suppose it beats working outside on tedious tasks such as gathering leaves and weeding–especially as the weather turns colder.

You don’t exactly have cabin fever.  Not yet. But you are a bit sick of WordPress, which makes it more difficult to confront your own blogs.  You’re sick of your aching Achilles, which somehow hasn’t recovered.

But other than that, you’re okay.  As for sickness, a new event looms at the end of the month:


What is that, you ask?

To many, it’s a drug.  A plant, actually, that makes you trip.  Hard.  Traditions of ayahuasca are entrenched in ceremony and aspiration for higher thinking.  The universe, its secrets, are said to unfold.

The only problem is that you must get sick first.  First you drink the potion, then you puke–into a bucket–for quite some time.  Once you puke, then you trip.  That’s the deal.


You hate puking.  So much so that Neil has been impelled to trick you into taking stuff by omitting the detail of vomit.  One night, as you clung to a toilet bowl, clinging to your sense of calm, wondering if you should check yourself into a hospital… “Oh yeah, by the way, that’s normal.”

Thanks for the information!

At least with ayahuasca, you know what you’re getting yourself into.  Will you do your homework on this experience?  Nah… as you’ve learned, the more you think about it, the more difficult it is to accomplish.

On October 29th, you and Neil will fly to Belgium to meet up with Mieke in Ghent, at which point she will escort you to the ceremony, led by Tim–famous Tim, about whom you know nothing except that he made affected many lives at Sli na Bande.  You will have a ceremony on one night, joined by 20 or so other people, and then a ceremony on the next, likely with 20 new people.

Two nights in a row of puking.  Wonderful.

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3 thoughts on “Sick

  1. I have experienced ayahuasca several times and never vomited. If you have a bad diet and lifestyle then ayahuasca will purge you.

    Be very wary of touristy ayahuasca rituals. Gringos are usually parted with their cash and given at best an unpure blend of watered down nastiness.

    Many different ingredients can be mixed with ayahuasca when it is processed. Some can be very dangerous.

    Ayahuasca should be introduced into the system gradually over a period of weeks, steadily increasing the dose.

    Certain foods should be avoided.

    Ayahuasca is not to be played with.

    If you are genuinely interested search for a reputable shaman who can guide you. Be patient.

    Treat her with respect or you will pay a high price. Ayahuasca can mess you up real bad.

    Taken correctly, with respect, ayahuasca is a truly miraculous vine.

    Research thoroughly. Be prepared.

    I kid you not.

    • demogirl06


      Thank you for you concern and advice. I think I should take a moment to clarify my plans and feelings regarding this matter.
      1) I have wanted to participate in an ayahuasca ceremony for 2 years now.
      2) I will be attending these ceremonies with people I trust.
      3) The facilitator has been a dear friend to many of my own friends for years.
      4) My chaperone, Mieke, is very experienced with ayahuasca herself (20+ ceremonies).
      5) I am not travelling to South America to do this.

      Stay tuned,


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