Halloween Parties

Belgium never happened.  Your ayahuasca ceremony was canceled three days earlier, when your ceremony facilitator fell under investigation by the police.  You were actually quite relieved.  Traveling all the way to Belgium, doing back to back ceremonies, flying home… exhausting.

The good news was you got to say in town for Josh’s fifth birthday/Halloween party, which was totally excellent and adorable.  The room was teeming with little children in Halloween costumes, playing games like Pin the Organ on the Skeleton, Dancing, Trick or Treating…  It was also chaos.  Try taking drink orders from 20 four-year-olds… “Who wanted apple juice!?  I’ve got one milk here!”


eating the donut off the string

You and Manon busted ass to keep up with the mess.  As the crowd moved from one side of house to the other, you followed with brooms, rags, and washcloths to get all the “pumpkin brains” off the floor.  It was truly a sensational 2-hour gig.  And by the time it was all over, all the adults fell into chairs with beers for a recovery period.

Knowing that you were in Ireland for the Halloween party night, you all decided to dress up and go out.  You made a pretty sorry impression of Kurt Cobain, but Neil and Mike made an even worse Mario and Luigi.

wasn't going to bother with the facial hair.

When your party got canceled abruptly, you instigated the whole house to have its own Halloween party in the kitchen, which was a riot and a half and lasted until 4 in the morning.  First genuine party experience you’d ever had with Doug and Marlene.

cuddle puddle. there are 6 people on that couch.

All in all, a very good weekend.  No regrets.

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