Change Is Guaranteed

Only one thing is guaranteed, and that is change.  This world is unpredictable.  If you find yourself completely reliant on a system, you are vulnerable.  The ability to adapt to a situation will determine success or failure.

This morning you read an upsetting email thread exchanged between family members.  Words like “hopeless,” “suicidal,” “situation,” “ruined,” “comfort zone,” appeared again and again.  There appeared emotionally immature statements, harsh accusations, and vindictive sentiments.

Long story short, a symbiotic relationship fell apart because one of the parties found another host, leaving someone else frustrated and alone, with no source of income and no contingency plan.

This entry is your response.

When you look at your life,  you must assess how reliant you are on any particular system or person.  If you are 100% reliant on a system, you are 100% vulnerable if that system is threatened.  If you go “all in” on an investment, you have nothing left to spread around your risk.

A strong environment is ecologically diverse.  A nutritious diet, rich in variety.  A strong resume, replete with experience.  The theme repeats itself again and again.

People say that you are reckless.  They ask when you are going to “settle down,”  or “get a stable job.”

By “settle down,” they usually mean “Stay somewhere for a long time.”  But what for?  You want a life rich in variety, rich in experience, rich in memories.  This will confer richness in ability, richness in adaptability.

Yes, but  eventually you will need to settle down and get a secure job.  So you can put down some roots, have a family, or whatever else people do to be “fulfilled.”

This particular line of reasoning occurred in the email thread.  Yes, some people have children in order to feel “fulfilled.”   But there are plenty of ways to seek fulfillment–whatever your passion.  Normative forms of fulfillment are merely that: normative.

You have too-often witnessed willful imprisonment from the quest for fulfillment.

And should you unexpectedly lose that thing you needed for fulfillment, then what?  Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.  Don’t let your happiness hinge on one thing, one goal, one person, one job, one city, one great moment, one Kodak family photo.

…because change is guaranteed.

You better know how to surf the tides.  Don’t keep treading water, remembering that one great wave.  It’s gone.

And for God’s sake!  Try not to take yourself so seriously!  This sweet, beautiful life you lead is absurd; wonderfully absurd.

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